Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Water Wall

It's finally summertime and the kiddies love to play with water. To spice up my playground at work I decided to pursue this project. I found a pin on Pinterest and the link is once again broken. This project is probably one of the easiest Pinterest project I have completed! I fortunately already had the wooden "wall" part in place, so all I need was 2 liter bottles, nails, scissors, and a hammer. I have also seen this project be successfully secured to a fence. :) 

All I did was cut out holes in two liter bottles so that the water would flow from one bottle to the next. As I built the water wall we tested it after each placement to ensure the water was flowing correctly. :) This water wall has 2 liters and 20 oz plastic bottles. I found using small bottles helped with placement. 

The water wall is a huge success. If you have any questions on how to construct this water wall feel free to ask!