Monday, June 24, 2013

Cafe a la Mud

As a long term Pinterest project I started developing a Mud Cafe for my school age classroom. I made this Mud Cafe for the low price of 10 dollars. Yes, I did already have the structure to start the cafe, but all of the pots/pans/utensils were donated from friends and family. All I did was advertise on my Facebook I was creating this "cafe" and the donations rolled in.

Here was stage one of the Mud Cafe:

After we completed Stage One I posted my progress on Facebook and more donations rolled in. We later added more pieces of the Mud Cafe.

Stage Two of Mud Cafe:

After this point everything is pretty much polished off except for one final finishing touch...

Lets just say the Mud Cafe has been a huge hit with the kids! There is nothing more important in a teacher's role than to spark creativity and enhance the learning spaces for children!

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