Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cupcake Onesies

 So as I was browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon Cupcake Onesies. I pinned it of course and decided to come back to it one day I needed a super awesome Baby Shower gift. Here is the original pins website has been blocked, but here is the link to the pin:

After reviewing the steps just from the picture I set out to find a cupcake box. I didn't have a lot of luck with this, most of the boxes were expensive or you had to buy them in bulk. I finally found a cake pan tin at Michaels for $4. I decided to go with this one. To fill up the cake tin I had to have 12 onesies. This is relatively easy considering onesies normally come in packs of 3-4. For this gift I decided to get the onesies in various sizes from NB-12 months. Knowing what I know now its a  lot easier to roll thin onesies and onesies without decorations on them. The seem to roll up nicer into a cupcake, but the other ones turn out okay. Below I included step by step directions with pictures.

Lay the onesie flat and then fold it three times to make it look like Step 2 picture. Then fold the piece in half like Step 3 picture so the top of the onesie meets the bottom of the onesie. 

Then roll the onesie by rolling the top/bottom pieces inside the "cupcake". This way it will hid the buttons and tag. Once you roll up the onesie secure it with rubber band. 

Then place a JUMBO cupcake holder over the onesie securing it with a rubber band. After that step is completed I wrapped ribbon around the rubber band to cover it up and make it look "pretty". :) Place a bow on top and then you have successfully "baked" cupcake onesies.

This gift was a huge success with everyone super complimentary of my pinterest talents! 

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