Saturday, June 22, 2013

Literature Decor

A twist on typical tissue decor balls is what I would call this craft! This was created original for a baby shower, which I will post about at a later time! :) This was one of those crafts on Pinterest that had little or no instructions so I had to become resourceful with this one. I first gathered old books obviously. :) After some trail and error I finally decided to go with floral pins to pin the book pages into a medium styro foam ball. Each book page ball took for about 3-4 hours. I clearly underestimated how much time it would actually take. Here are the step by step directions! Happy Crafting!

Materials Needed:
Styro Foam Balls (Medium)
Foral U-Pins (4 boxes of 50 pieces)
Old Book with at least 200 pages

First Step: Tear out book pages carefully then roll the book pages into tight rolls. 
Second Step: Fold the rolled book page over the "U-Pin" in the middle of the book page roll. 
Third Step: Push the "U-Pin" with the roll folded into the styro foam ball.
Fourth Step: Continue to push in the pins with book pages all over the ball until you can't see any of the ball and its completely covered! 

*In order to get my "Lit Decor" to hang I took one "U-Pin" tied fishing line to the pin. Then pushed the pin down into the ball while putting hot glue on top of the pin and all around it. This secured it enough to hang it. 

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