Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wine Bottle Vases

I had to throw together last minute decorations for an engagement party my boyfriend was throwing. I had seen multiple decorations on  Pinterest using wine bottles, but no in particular pin sticks out in my mind. Fortunately I have been saving wine bottles for several months for no reason other than to eventually to recycle them, but suddenly they were of great use to me. 

Materials Needed
Painters Tape
Cotton Balls
Krylon Spray Paint (any spray paint will work)
Wine Bottles

First: I soaked the wine bottles in water, and scraped the labels off with a butter knife. Of course the label didn't come off as planned so it require more vigorously scrubbing with a dish brush and soap.
After I completely removed the label I decided which bottles were going to have design or be solid. I then put painters tape in a design on the wine bottle. I bought my painters tape from Wal-Mart, and it was the cheapest brand.
The next step was putting a cotton ball in the top of the wine bottle to prevent spray paint from spraying down in the bottle. 
After this was completed I started the painting. With the red wine bottles I sprayed them once really well and  let them dry for a couple hours and then sprayed a final coat. With the rainbow bottles I sprayed a primer and then sprayed the top coat color (two coats). I can't  honestly say one works better than the other. The primer was black so the inside of the wine bottle shows black paint verses the red bottles show red paint inside. It's whatever you chose to do. 

The final step was removing the tape. Be extremely careful the tape can rip the paint off the glass, but after its all removed you will have beautiful vases! 

These vases are in my classroom with pipe cleaner flowers made by the kids!

These wine bottles were used as decorations for the engagement party! The solid bottles I wrapped twine around them to give them a little extra! They were a huge success and a quick, cheap vase for beautiful flowers! :) 

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