Saturday, June 22, 2013

North Carolina String Art

I always pin really awesome crafts that I can complete with little or no costs. This project was inspired by the several pins you will find all over Pinterest called "string art". I completed this project with one of my after school kids over about a 3 hour time period. We first pick a piece of scrap wood big enough to complete our work. I fortunately had scrap wood donated to my classroom in the previous months. We then googled the outline of our wonderful state. The next step was to trace North Carolina onto the scrap wood so we used an overhead projector to enlarge the image on the wood.  Afterwards, we carefully traced the state of NC. After the image was traced we drew a heart at the center of Raleigh. After the image was traced onto the the piece of wood the rest was nothing but stress relief! Bit by Bit we placed the nails along the outline and hammered each one in. After all the nails were in place we then picked three different color string to lace within nails. Instead of going with one color we chose three different colors to represent the different geological regions of this wonderful state, Coastal, Piedmont, and Mountains. We plan to submit it to the Hobbies & Crafts of the North Carolina State Fair this coming year! 

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